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Get soaked in nature

There are many places on Earth so unreal that people question their existence. Black Forest (Schwarzwald) is one of them. From mystical walks for hiking lovers to thrilling adventures for action fans, the land of the cuckoo clock gives visitors a surreal feeling and leaves them wanting for more after each visit.
You can easily spend days getting lost in this magnificent area. But if you have only one day in Black Forest, consider one of these 5 amazing destinations:

Spa town of Baden-Baden

Situated at the edge of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden illuminates like a gem with its cultivated parks, elegant historical buildings and charming stone-paved roads. The city is also famous for numerous festivals and cultural activities around the year. No wonder the city is called “The Summer Capital of Europe”. For spa-lovers, a visit to Baden-Baden wouldn’t be complete without trying the Roman-Irish bath at Friedrichsbad. 3 hours of complete relaxation only sets you back 25€, which is why Baden-Baden is also known worldwide as a spa town.

Freiburg im Breisgau

On the western edge of the Black Forest is the sunniest and warmest city of Germany – Freiburg im Breisgau. The historic old town of Freiburg takes you back to the medieval time with its cobblestone streets, ancient buildings and charming squares. Major attractions include Freiburg Minster – the city’s Cathedral, the old and new town halls and several historic gates.


Titisee is a popular lake in the southern Black Forest. The lake is an ideal destination when visiting the Black Forest area for its crystal clear water, surrounding bottle-green pine trees and unpolluted fresh air to make you feel charged and refreshed. There are dozens of activities in the lake area for the whole family, from sailing, swimming, hiking to windsurfing and canoeing. Although Titisee Lake is a bit touristy, its picturesque and serene beauty still guarantees any visitor an unforgettable day trip.


In the heart of the northern Black Forest sits Freudenstadt – the town with the largest market square in Germany. Freudenstadt offers visitors the perfect location to discover deep forest trails, beautiful mountain lakes and romantic waterfalls in surrounding areas. The town itself is alluring with charming fountains surrounded by historic arcaded buildings, although it had a long history of suffering from centuries of war and fire.

Black Forest Ridgeway (Schwarzwald-Hochstrasse)

Starting from Baden-Baden is Germany’s oldest panoramic road, Schwarzwald-Hochstrasse. Covering some 60km, the Black Forest Ridgeway is a must-see for any visitors to the Black Forest. You can make a full day trip out of Schwarzwald-Hochstrasse alone, as besides the breathtaking view of mountains, along the road are numerous charming small villages and monasteries that are worth a visit. Hiking and biking lovers will find this road a treasure with hundreds of kilometers of narrow trails and tracks in the shadows of dark forests and the sunlight of fields and meadows.

The marriage of the mystic allure of dark forests and warm cozy historic towns makes Black Forest one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Germany. Even though one day in Black Forest does not do justice to the area, it is enough time for any visitor to rejuvenate, get soaked in nature and wait for the next vacation to come back.

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