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Uncover the top 5 microbrewery bars in Berlin.

The craft beer wave has finally arrived in Berlin after years of lagging behind other fellow European countries. Come with us to discover this thriving craft beer landscape and uncover the top 5 microbrewery bars in Berlin in 2015.

Vagabund Brauerei

Run by 3 American home-brewers, Vagabund Brauerei is the home of a wide variety of domestic and international craft beers. Vagabund considered itself a nano-brewery, meaning that their system can only brew less than 3 barrels.
Visit their taproom and you will be charmed by its cosy and homely ambiance. Be sure to try out their Szechuan Saisons, Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), Coffee Stouts, and especially the top-fermented Leipziger Gose that cannot be found anywhere else.


Also located in Wedding, the same area with Vagabund, sits one of the oldest microbreweries in Berlin. Eschenbräu has been brewing for Berlin’s craft beer lovers from 2001. They provide mostly three regular types of beer – darks, Pilsners and wheats, together with a couple of seasonals such as Rauchbier (smoked dark beer).
The brewery is hidden away in the backyard of a building so finding the way there presents a bit of a challenge. However all the efforts will pay off when you finally get there, relax at one of the brewery’s outdoor tables and enjoy a delicious Pilsner.

Hops and Barley

Friedrichshain – Berlin’s new bohemia is the home of Hops and Barley, another destination in our craft beer hopping trip. The brewery bar itself feels like an old English brewpub with patterned tiled walls, checkered tiled floor, exposed piping and regular gatherings of football fans. As seating is limited, do come early if you want a spot to sit.
Hops and Barley brews a variety of traditional beers, cider and some specialty beers like IPAs. Cosy relaxed vibes, topnotch beer quality and great prices (a pint only sets you back less than €4), no wonder Hops and Barley is a craft beer hot spot in Berlin.


Even though Heidenpeters was a latecomer in the Berlin craft beer party, the American-style microbrewery has quickly become a hot destination through the power of word-of-mouth. Tucked away in a back corner of Markthalle Neun, the small “taproom” offers delicious IPAs, Saisons and Stouts.
Keep in mind that the place gets really busy during Markthalle’s street food Thursday events; although you can pay a deposit (pfand) of €2 and take the glass with you while searching for the perfect matching food.


Hopfenreich is another newcomer-turned-celebrity in Berlin’s brewery scene. Although Hopfenreich’s prices are in a bit higher range compared to the aforementioned bars, the brewery also wows customers with an excellent selection of different beers – domestic and international, beautiful décor with antique machinery on the counter and spacious seating areas indoors and outdoors for cosy group gatherings.
To encourage novice beer drinkers to try different types of brews, Hopfenreich offers sample size glasses of 0.2L starting at €1.5, as well as regular free and paid beer tasting sessions. So if you want to get some education in beer drinking, Hopfenreich is the place to go.


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